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Mendelssohn Piano Trios

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Can you figure out what these people have in common?

The answer might surprise you: they all appeared on the cover of Newsweek magazine.

Newsweek magazine called Itzhak Perlman the ”World’s Top Fiddle” when he was featured on the cover in 1980.

There he was – just past 30 – mentioned in the same breath with the century’s great line of solo performers: Joseph Joachim, Fritz Kreisler, Joseph Szigeti from the past, and more recently Yehudi Menuhin, Isaac Stern, and above all, Heifetz.

”It’s a silly title,” says Perlman of being called ”top fiddle.” ”The most important thing to me is what my colleagues and audience think of my music. All the money, glamour, and glitter that’s been associated with this is very, very nice, but I still feel I should not forget what I am dedicated to. I’m a musician first, and I hope to grow nicely old with music.”

Although Newsweek was never known for being as arts-friendly as its chief rival, Time, the magazine regularly featured an arts section with interviews, record reviews and critical commentaries.

Katrine Ames is an arts reporter who came to Newsweek in 1970 as a researcher, and worked her way up to senior editor before leaving in 1996. “When I started, there was music every week,” she recalled in a phone conversation. “This wasn’t just Newsweek, it was everywhere.”

Ames remembers an era when artists like Itzhak Perlman, Zubin Mehta and Pierre Boulez would land on the cover, and the magazine featured a major cover story on Bach’s 300th birthday in December 1985.
“Editor Jack Kroll would fight tooth and nail,” to get classical music covered, said Aimes.