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Mendelssohn Piano Trios
Mendelssohn Piano Trios

Itzhak Perlman and Yo Yo Ma together again on this disc available now from amazon, iTunes and retail outlets.


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Live in the Fiddler’s House

Live in the Fiddler's House

  1. Bukovina 212
  2. Lekho Neraneno
  3. Doina Naftule
  4. A Hora mit Branfn
  5. Healthy Baby Girl Hora
  6. Golem Tants
  7. Honga Encore
  8. Nigh
  9. Bulgars-The Kiss
  10. Meron Nign-In the Sukke
  11. Sholom Aleykhem
  12. Khaiterma
  13. Andy’s Ride
  14. A Heymisher Bulga-Wedding Dance
  15. Kale Bazetsn (Seating the Bride)-Khusidl (Khasidic Dance)
  16. Fun Tashlikh
  17. A Yingele fun Poyln (A Young Man from Poland)-Di Mame iz Gegangen in Mark Arayan
  18. Processional/Klezmer Suite-Ale Brider (We Are All Brothers)